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MatCon - Modified Asphalt Technology for Waste Containment 

The MatCon® (Modified Asphalt Technology for Waste Containment) system is an advanced modified asphalt technology that combines the company’s proprietary binder technology with tightly specified aggregates. MatCon Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) offers unique advantages for environmental capping and containment.  Unlike conventional asphalt concrete, MatCon permeability (<1 x 10-7cm/sec) is lower than that required under RCRA, while also offering resilience and longevity.  These qualities make MatCon a superior containment alternative for environmental applications, particularly when site reuse is an objective.

Zycosoil - Anti-Strip Modification 

Zycosoil™ nanotechnology is a technological breakthrough to the anti-strip problem.  The material is a reactive organo-silicon compound.  It forms Si-OH silanol groups upon hydrolysis resulting in a permanent water repellent layer on all types of clay, fines (stone powder) and aggregates.

Armor Top - Resin Modified Pavement System

Armor top is a patent pending resin modified pavement system that has been developed to provide an advanced solution pavement system with exceptional durability and performance.  The pavement system suits those applications with torturous loading such as toll booths, port pavements, industrial areas and other heavy traffic locations.  The resin is applied to a bituminous support layer using a specially formulated non-segregating pre-mixed resinous grout system.  The grout has improved toughness compared to other solutions and ensures full penetration into the void structure of the support material.

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