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Who We Are

MatCon Inc. was formed in 2009 following the development of MatCon for environmental pavement application in the late 1980s and over 20-years of successful installations throughout the USA.  The first MatCon cap was installed in Ferndale, Washington in 1989 and still performs well today after over 20-years of service.

In 2008 Wilder Construction was acquired by Granite Construction who continued to operate the MatCon business for a further two years before divesting that business interest to MatCon Inc.  Granite still remain a technology partner with MatCon and is involved in the construction and maintenance of pavements constructed with MatCon materials.

The inventor of the MatCon technologies, Dr. Ronald Terrel was one of the founders of MatCon Inc. with over 20-years of experience in the installation of these systems.

The Wilder and Granite team have been transferred to the MatCon business team.  Mr. Jerry Thayer (President of MatCon, Inc.) was formally the MatCon business manager with many years of MatCon experience.


Technology, quality control and design services are headed by Dr. Geoffrey Rowe who has been working with MatCon installations since 2000.


The MatCon site constructed in 1989 and photographed in late 2009 after over 20 years of continued use still functions to a very high standard with minimal maintenance costs over that time period.

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