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Armor Top™ (Resin Modified Pavement System)

Armor top is a patent pending resin modified pavement system that has been developed to provide an advanced solution pavement system with exceptional durability and performance. The pavement system suits those applications with torturous loading such as toll booths, port pavements, industrial areas and other heavy traffic locations.

The material was originally developed when the MatCon team was asked to provide pavement solutions for a scrap steel handling yard - a location with very extreme traffic. In the development, it was considered important that this material have exceptional durability, flexibility and hardwearing qualities. In addition, the material is unaffected by moderate fuel spills and is effectively impermeable. This make is very suitable for locations such as fuel stations, dock pavement, warehousing areas, intermodal and transfer facilities, etc.

The resin is applied to a bituminous support layer. This first layer is made at a traditional hot-mix plant and typically one to two acres of pavement area is applied in a days work. The support coat has a approximately 25 to 30% air voids and incorporates a specialized modified binder. The layer is constructed typically as a 1 ½ inch (40mm thick layer).

The support layer is then grouted using a specially formulated non-segregating pre-mixed resinous grout system. The grout has improved toughness compared to other solutions and ensures full penetration into the void structure of the support material.

The final wearing surface has several benefits that including at least the following:

  • Creates a very tough, abrasion-resistant surface to allow aggressive use such as tracked vehicles, point loads, etc.

  • Provides additional fuel resistance to the surface.

  • Adds structural thickness and strength to the pavement system.

  • Creates a lighter-color surface (compared to asphalt) that reflects sunlight, resulting in cooler operating temperatures and a lower heat island effect in hot climates.


Results in a resilient pavement structure that is forgiving under heavy and impact loads, yet providing abrasion resistance at least as good as Portland cement concrete without cracking or the need to maintain joints.

For further information please contact our office and sales staff.


Armor Top has superior toughness when compared to PCC and Asphalt Concrete Pavement Systems

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