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MatCon Inc builds upon 21-years of  the installations of specialized materials for environmental protection.  The development of materials for construction is the core focus of the business.

MatCon has developed various materials and works with high-quality manufactures to bring new and exiting materials to the pavement and construction market.

Information on materials and projects are provided on these pages including our resin modified heavy duty pavement system - Armor Top.

MatCon has developed a strategic alliance with Zydex Industries

to develop and market a range of products for asphalt

and soil modification - for more information call

Mr. Jerry Thayer - (425) 239-3332 or

Dr. Geoffrey Rowe - (267) 772-0096.

More information can also be found on our materials pages.

The technologies developed by MatCon engineers provide civil and environmental engineers with solutions for the 21st century.

MatCon (Modified Asphalt for Containment) is a patented process that has been used for the construction of environmental asphalt caps installations since 1989.

MatCon paving.3.jpg

Constructing a MatCon cap at industrial facility, nr Chicago

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